Tariff Of Charges


Standard Tariff of Charges



Account Closing Charge


Statement Charge (within one year)


Statement Charge (above one year)

NPR 100 per page

ABBS Charge (Outside Pokhara & Kathmandu Valley)

NPR 100/- (above NPR 200K to 500K)

NPR 200/- (above NPR 500K)

Dormant Reactivation


Charge for Not Maintaining Minimum Balance


Cheque Book Issuance In Replacement of Lost/Misplaced Cheque Book (up to 10 leaves)

NPR 200/-

Stop Payment

NPR 100/-

Balance Certificate (one time free for company's account)

NPR 300/-

Use of Withdrawal Slip other than Thumbprint Account Holder

NPR 100/-

Good for Payment Charge

NPR 500/- per cheque

Management Fee

Up to 2% of loan amount

Commitment Fee in case of Term Loan (Approved but not utilized)

0.50% of the loan amount

Commitment Fee in case of Working Capital (if the utilization is less than 50% of the approved amount)

0.50% of the loan amount

Valuation Fee conducted by the Company (loan amount below NPR 1,000K)

NPR 5,000/-

Valuation Fee (above NPR 1,000K)

As per actual cost of the valuator

CIB Charge

As per actual cost of the CIB

Internal CIC Charge

NPR 200/-

Partial Property Release Charge (Inside Valley)

4,000/- (Within Kathmandu and Pokhara)

Partial Property Release Charge (Outside Valley)

5,000/- (Outside Kathmandu and Pokhara)

Release and Re-Mortgage Charge

NPR 5,000/- (In case of risk assured by bank)

Vehicle Release Charge (Outside Pokhara and Kathmandu Valley)

NPR 5,000/-

Release of Third Party Collateral


Penal Interest Rate

2% p.a.

ATM Debit Card Charge

Issuance of New ATM Card (1st time till the Expiry of Card)

NPR 400/-

Issuance of new ATM Card (issued in case of Lost/Damage/Card Expiry )

NPR 400/-

PIN Replacement

NPR 100/-

Card Block/Stop Charge in case of Loss/Misplace

NPR 200/-

Card Destruction Fee (in case the customer fails to collect card within 3 months of receipt of card from SCT)

NPR 300/-

Cheque Clearing Charge

Up to NPR 2,00,000/-


Above NPR 2,00,000/- 

NPR 30/- per cheque

Special Clearing Cheque

NPR 100/- per cheque

Cheque Return Unpaid (insufficient fund)

NPR 200/- per cheque

Locker Surrender Charge (within first year)

NPR 3,000/-

Mobile Banking Service
Registration/Renewal NPR 200/-
Mobile Number Change  & Device Reset (Anyone or Both) Nil
Re-PIN/GPRS Login Password Reset (Anyone or Both) NPR 50/-
Cheque Destruction Fee (incase customer fails to collect the demanded cheques within 3 months) NPR 300/-